Saturday, October 29, 2011

He's Not Dead!

O.K. maybe im a little crazy here, but am I the only person who hates the term dead? I hate when I hear people use that term when referring to my son. Im not trying to be rude, but Im sorry, my son is not dead. His physically body is not living anymore, yes, but his spirit is alive. It's alive in my heart, and i can assure you that he forever lives on in heaven. I usually use the word gone, but even that isn't fitting because he is not gone either, he is here, by my side, in my heart, with me always. I like to say my son passed away, he passed on from this world to a place with more beauty and grace than we can ever imagine. He went to be with god, and I can assure you that he is there in heaven, alive, happy, and living. Dead is just such an ugly word, when i think of dead i think lifeless, dark, dreary. I know that these words do not even partially describe where my son is. He is in a place with lots of light, and love, and eternal happiness. I'm sorry, but my baby is not dead, he lives on in my heart, every day.

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