Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bug's Kitty Bowie

So when i went to visit the bug last week this kitty came up to us, it was running and playing with my sister, having so much fun i begged my mom to let me bring her home, she said no she couldnt come in her car. So i told her that if i came back and saw the kitty again then it was meant to be, Well i went back tonight to visit the bug, it was almost dark and the kitty came back up to me, so i brought her home. I couldnt resist, she's Bug's kitty. It is going to get really cold tonight and I couldnt stand the thought of her being outside and cold Bug's daddy was not too happy and our 2 dogs think shes a chew toy (she doesnt like them much either). But i have to keep her, she's the bug's friend. we decided to name her bowie, short for rainbow, since we saw so many rainbows after the bug passed. I love her! im so excited, like my mom said, its just like me to pick up strays! lol Poor thing, she was so hungry when i brought her hom! im glad i did it though, i know i did the right thing... what was i supposed to do, just let her starve nad freeze... ABSOLUTELY NOT!  so i would like to introduce everyone to the newest member of the family :)

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