Friday, September 30, 2011

Rainbows From the Bug

As i said before, i feel my sweet bug everywhere I go, and sometimes when I feel a tickle or hear a sound, i know it's him. Lately he has been being quite the artist drawing me rainbows everywhere. I have seen 4 in the last week outside, and 1 in my house, all in the past 7 days. 

The first one was when I was on my little mini-vacation get away. It rained all day and as the sun was setting i saw a beautiful rainbow along the sun-set. It's hard to see but it goes from the top right corner to just behind the barn. 

The second one was on tuesday when I was outside with the dogs, I saw it over my neighbor's house, it was so pretty!

The third one was yesterday morning when I woke up, I saw it in my bathroom. I have never seen one in my bathroom before, and couldnt figure out what was making it, it was really wierd but i knew it was from him.

The Fourth one was last night, i went to visit the bug with my mom, and on my way home from the cemetary i saw it. i knew that it was coming too, it was really bright and beautiful but by the time i was able to pull over where i could see it, it was almost gone. It is between the middle and the right side of the picture, its not a full rainbow, and you cant really see it in the picure but it's there

The 5th one was today, i kew it was coming because we were having a sun-shower, and sure enough there it was. 

I'm not the only one that has been seeing them either. my mom said she also saw one in her bathroom while cleaning today, and also my step-mom called me this afternoon to tell me that she saw a really big bright one while driving. I know that this is my bug's way of telling us tha he is still here, reminding us to be happy for him because he is in a beautiful place. I love you my sweet bug, my artist, thank you for drawing us such pretty pictures.

UPDATE: My grandma is visiting my uncle and aunt, and she was at my little cousin's baseball game last night and she said that it started to just mist a little, and when she looked up my aunt and her saw a beautiful DOUBLE rainbow! I have been having friends text me like crazy that they keep seeing them too... The Bug is everywhere!!!

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