Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Green Blankie

Now that my sweet bug is gone, I find comfort in the things that make me feel the closest to him. The smells, the sounds, anyhting that makes me feel like he is here again. I never knew that the simple smell of spit-up could be such a joy, but im finding that I cant get enough of it. I have a little green blankie that was hand-made for my bug that i keep close to me. It was our favorite blankie, he used it while we were in the hospital and more than any other blankie. Every night i kept it by his crib so that i could use it for his late-night feedings. It has spots of spit up on it, but i dont mind. It's my bugs blankie, I cuddle with it every night like i used to cuddle with him. It has absorbed many tears in these last 2 weeks, but it has also brought me alot of comfort. This blankie is so special because it is filled with so much love. At my baby shower, we played this little game. we used little squares of fabric that were folded into the shape of a diaper. The diapers were passed out to each guest. One special diaper had a little "surprise" in it, it was dirty. After we played the game one of my guests, (the mother-in-law of bug's godmother) asked if she could have all the fabric squares for a quilt. She said that she already had the perfect fabric at home to complete the project. I said, of course! I was so excited!  She had already given me 2 beautiful blankets for the bug, This one is so special because it was touched with so much love for the bug before he even arrived. It's the little things like this, the smells, the paci's. the things that brought him comfort that are all bringing comfort to me now. Just knowing that he once touched something, held it, loved it, makes me want to hold on tight and never let go.

The bug and Daddy cuddling while we were in the hospital, with the bug's special green blankie

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