Sunday, September 25, 2011

I see him everywhere...

This weekend was a very busy weekend for my family. yesterday we had an event for a motorcycle group that my dad is a member of and has been a big support for us through this loss, and today was my little brother's birthday so we went to farm and picked apples and berries. It was so hard because i had been looking so forward to this weekend for so long now. I already had the bug's outfit picked out for the event, he had a harley davidson shirt that said my grandpa rides a harley and he even had little shoes with skull and cross bones and a leather vest to wear too. It was all planned. And i was so excited about taking him apple picking, I thought it was be so much fun for him. It is so hard because all these things that i wanted to do with him just arent the same without him. It killed me seeing all the kids at the orchard today, seeing all the families, I would give anyhting to be able to make more memories with him. I'm grateful for the time we had with him but it just wasnt enough. We didnt have enough time, enough memories, enough smiles, i gave him a million kisses in 10 short weeks, but even that was not enough. I just miss him so much.

My dad and the Bug taking a nap... if you look closely, the bug is wearing a Harley Davidson Hat, my dad said we had to start him early.

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