Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Help me understand

I understand that everyone is different, and no two people grieve the same way. What i feel about losing my son is so different from what my family is feeling, what other mothers are feeling who have lost a child, no two stories are alike. the best way to put it is we have all reached a destination in life, the destination of losing a child, however each one of us reached this destination by traveling down a different path. I just want to understand how the people closest to me are grieving and it is killing me. i want to understand mostly how payton's daddy is grieving. It just kills me that we are taking this so differently, i feel like now more than ever we need to be togather, we need to cling to eachother and pull eachother through this. It's so hard to do that because we are taking this in such different ways. i know the statistics of couples making it this day in age, and it is scary. but even more i know the statistics of a couple making it through this eperience, it makes thins a million times harder. I want more than anything for us to survive this for our son, to be his parents togather. no matter where life takes us i know it is meant to be, i just pray that life keeps us togather, as a family, in honor of our Bug.

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  1. I grieved the loss of my daughter way different than my husband. He seemed to pick up where he left of. Of course we cried together etc...but it took me 6 months to even begin to feel semi normal. You are so right everyone is so different. 9 times out of ten they all hurt just as much as you but are trying to mask it to be strong and supportive for you. hugs!