Friday, December 23, 2011

Heaven Got Another Angel

Sadly my family has suffered through another tragedy this past week, my cousin Kenny, 28, was taken from us after he suffered serious 2nd and 3rd degree burns from a fire. It is just not fair that we have to suffer like this again, the only piece of comfort i have found is knowing that he is with my son. We were very close, i remember when we were growing up and he would beat on me, terrorize me, and still love me. I was mroe like his little sister than his cousin. i always wanted a big brother, instead i got big cousins and i lvoed every second of it. from the geting beat up on to the tattling, i miss those days. He was such an amazing father to his 2 daughters, Destiny and Lillian, he loved them with every ounce of his being, that was a fact. I know my cousin was not perfect, none of us are, but know he is by far the most sweet, generous, loving person i could ever meet in my life. Everyone that met him just fell in love, he had one of those personalities where you know hes always there for you, hed give you the shirt off his back if you needed him to.That he was such a gentle soul yet a fighter in every sense of the word. He loved fighting in MMA figths, he was undefeated, no one was able to beat him no matter what, the only fight he ever lost was too big even for him to defeat. I am so grateful that he was able to come up to visit with me and be here for my son's memorial service and funeral. It really meant alot to have him there, to get that big bear hug that i will miss so much. its still so hard to believe hes gone, with all the family togather im just waiting for him to walk through the doors, or waiting to hear one of his funny smart remarks or jokes, waiting to just see his amazing blue eyes and sweet smile one last time. I look at his girls and it kills me, i just pray that they will always remember how wonderful their daddy was. Kenny i just want to say i love you, i know your still with us, and please give my sissy and bug a kiss from me.  love you cuz

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